Storytime Picture Books

This website is under development in 2018. Check in periodically for updates.

This page will contain detailed reviews and storytelling/pedagogy tips for best-practice storytime books, with links to video tutorials. The books have all been selected to specifically target conversational reading priorities, at the 3-5 year old range of linguistic development.

While you wait for the full content, here’s a small selection to get you started (and don’t forget that good “active literacy” books for toddlertime are great for storytime, too):

Author Title
Ben-Barak, Idan Do Not Lick This Book
Blabey, Aaron Pirahnas Don’t Eat Bananas
Bland, Nick The Wrong Book
Byrne, Richard This Book Just Ate My Dog!
Byrne, Richard This Book Is Out of Control!
Byrne, Richard We’re in the Wrong Book
Cotter, Bill Don’t Touch This Book
Cotter, Bill Don’t Push the Button
Evanson, Ashley This Book Is Magic
Fletcher, Tom There’s a Monster in Your Book
Gray, Kes Oi Frog
Lee, Andy Do Not Open This Book
Lee, Andy Do Not Open This Book Again
Lehrhaupt, Adam Warning: Do Not Open This Book
Lehrhaupt, Adam Please, open this book!
Long, Ethan Tickle the Duck!
Matheson, Christie Tap the Magic Tree
Matheson, Christie Touch the Brightest Star
Novak, B.J The Book With No Pictures
PatrickGeorge Any/all PatrickGeorge books
Portis, Antoinette Not a Box
Portis, Antoinette Not a Stick
Schwarz, Viviane There Are Cats In This Book
Schwarz, Viviane Is There a Dog in This Book?
Sharratt, Nick Big Book of Crazy Book of Mixups (+ any other mix-up books)
Smith, Craig The Wonky Donkey
Smith, Craig My Daddy Ate An Apple
Stanton, Beck and Matt This Is a Ball
Stanton, Beck and Matt The Red Book
Stanton, Beck and Matt Did You Take the B from My _ook?
Stanton, Beck and Matt Wait
Stone, Jon and Smollin, Michael The Monster At the End of This Book (Grover/Sesame Street)
Stoney, Annaliese It’s NOT Just a Blanket
Thomas, Jan Let’s Sing a Lullaby With The Brave Cowboy
Thomas, Jan Is That Wise, Pig?
Thomas, Jan Who Is Chasing Duck?
Tullet, Herve Press Here
Tullet, Herve Mix It Up
Tullet, Herve Let’s Play
Tullet, Herve The Finger Circus Game
Willems, Mo Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
Willems, Mo The Elephant and Piggie series