Games & Activities

This website will be under development throughout 2018. Check in periodically for updates.

In the meantime, as a teaser, check out:

  • This simple handout of phonemic awareness games that I used to give parents at my storytimes, circa 2013. (Appropriate for late preschool aged children.)
  • Playgroup WA’s AMAZING Play Ideas page, which even includes, for each activity, variations for various age groups, ways to add language, and a handy one-page PDF of benefits and tips for carers (or for librarians to hand out to carers at early years sessions).
  • The 3a Abecedarian Approach Australia LearningGames Family Guide.
  • This wonderful calendar of activities, grouped in monthly themes, to help your child get ready for prep/school (in the US, prep’s called kindergarten, hence the calendar refers to kindergarten readiness indicators). Many of the activities can be started long before the last year of preschool (like setting up a book corner!). Note that the calendar starts in September, reflecting America’s school year. You can start it any time you like, of course!
  • And, further to the idea of school readiness indicators (which are really just a list of developmental milestones, like, “can follow directions with at least two steps”), this booklet for parents breaks down the indicators into fun games and activity ideas.